Testimonial from Jason in Newton, MA

About two years ago, our Buderus gas boiler stopped working. We tried three or four different service companies, but no one could fix it. Finally, we came across your company, and you were able to solve the problem. You fixed it quickly (as we didn't have heat or hot water, that was greatly appreciated!) and charged us a very fair price.

Recently, our boiler stopped working again (for reasons completely unrelated to the work you did the first time). This time I called your cell phone after business hours, and you picked up. You asked me to read you the error message on the boiler. After that, you (very patiently) talked me through how to fix the problem, even though it was after hours. Five minutes after I called you, the boiler was working again! I offered to pay you for your time (I could only imagine what a service visit would have cost), but you refused. Your willingness to work with me on the phone, and for free, was greatly appreciated. It is good to see there are still honest and talented service providers out there! I thought the least I could do was write you a testimonial for your website.

Testimonial from Aldo in Waltham, MA

When you read this testimonial you may say "The owner wrote it!!" Rich was recommended by the manufacturer because the boiler was making a strange noise from the out-take fan. I called several times my plumber and spoke with several others, they all told me that this was natural and not to worry. I insisted and I called the Munchkin company. Rich from ModCon contacted me few minutes later asking for a date/time that I would be available.

I had several plumbers before no one even match Rich professionalism. The day he came, he knew what was wrong, explained to me the problem and fixed it like he was fixing a Ferrari; with passion and knowledge that I never saw before, I felt really confident that my $8000 boiler was in a great hands. At that time, he suggested that the SuperStor was not wired right and I was not using the full efficiency of the boiler. The same day, we made an appointment for September timeframe. Few days ago, I emails him to remind him about the visit, sure enough, he replied still committing with that date. He showed up on time that day, he did a great job with the boiler, pleasant to talk with and in addition, something that you do not see anymore, he noticed we were honest and hard working people and consequently he charged well below what he should have charged. I recognized that gesture and that day I found a great and good friend.

Testimonial from John Poto, Headmaster Emeritus
Former Cluster Superintendent, Boston Public Schools

We have, at times, all used numerous clichˇ§¦s when referring to Professionals and Tradesmen throughout the years oftentimes in our relationships with them. They range from either being "awful" or "awfully good". There seems to be nothing beyond those; yet when describing Richard Swatton, words like superb, highly skilled, and incredibly knowledgeable must be introduced. It is true that Richard Swatton is a friend whom I have had the privilege of knowing and working with for more than 30 years, but that fact would not prevent me from explaining and expressing any and all shortcomings that I believed were inherent in that relationship. Simply put, he is the very best in the field of Plumbing and Heating. He understands the necessary and critical needs that individuals have in both their homes and businesses; he realizes the importance of timing especially in emergency situations; he analyzes heating requirements in order to create a comfortable atmosphere in any environment; and is extremely knowledgeable and highly skilled in understanding not just the product but also the mechanics and physics of products if needed and recommended. And finally, he understands the person he is servicing which sometimes is the missing element in the trades. This sets him apart from all others in his field. It creates trust and reliability and it makes Richard Swatton the "go to guy". I have often said: "What Richard Swatton forgot about Plumbing and Heating, others haven't learned". Reason: There is nobody better which makes him "well beyond awfully good".

Testimonial from Kathi in Marblehead, MA

Rich came highly recommended as the go to person for radiant heat due to his technical expertise and experience installing these types of systems. He completed the installation of my Munchkin radiant heat system on time and within the estimate he provided, even after two other plumbers were unsuccessful with the job. He has been extremely responsive with any follow-up on critical maintenance or repairs, when required. He clearly explains the work to be performed and translates complex technical information into practical terms, ensuring the customer understands. He provides excellent customer service and doing business with him is a pleasure.

Testimonial from Jim in Chelmsford, MA

We are very confident, impressed and satisfied with Rich Swatton's genuine caring service and tireless attention to our heating needs since 2005. Rich got our Munchkin boiler functioning optimally after it had been carelessly installed by another contractor. Rich has always been available by phone whenever we have questions and concerns and has always eagerly come to our aid. Besides Rich's keen expertise, he's been very generous with his time and aggressive to get the job done right. He has patiently helped us to understand any problem and has encouraged and shown us how to affordably improve our system to save money and lengthen the life of our boiler. We are fortunate to have Rich Swatton because he cares about us and does an expert job that he stands behind.

Testimonial from Barry and Amanda in Westborough, MA

If you are installing a high-efficiency heating system…CALL RICH SWATTON first! We wish we had. Our new Munchkin Contender began to spew error codes and try as he might, the original installer was not able to eliminate the problem. As we started to investigate our options the name ModCon and Rich Swatton came up over and over. We contacted ModCon and have been working with Rich and his well-trained team to correct what was a problematic installation. Rich is a technical expert, very professional, highly service oriented, more than fair, and truly cares about you and the efficiency of your heating system. He responded quickly, diagnosed the malfunction and went out of his way to get things in order for us. Rich believes his customers deserve top quality service and he excels in providing what he believes in. Technical equipment deserves a technical expert. Rich is that expert and he is a terrific person to work with as well.

Testimonial from Bob in Franklin, MA

After struggling for a few years with troubled performance of a Munchkin boiler system, I finally came in contact with Richard Swatton, whom I have come to appreciate as an expert in troubleshooting, repairing and servicing modulating condensing boiler systems. Rich quickly assessed the poor condition of my Munchkin based system. He performed comprehensive maintenance, made key adjustments to fine tune performance and made some system changes to correct issues associated with the less-than-optimal initial installation. I am now finally extremely pleased with the performance of the system – it is finally operating with the precision and efficiency as designed by the manufacturer.  I am also confident that Rich Swatton will keep my Munchkin system in tip top condition and performing at the high level expected of Munchkin systems for many years to come.

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