Radiant Heating, Runtal Panel, Quik Trak - Hollis,
New Hampshire

Background: Three story addition. First floor: radiant in slab; office designed for 80° @ 5°. Second floor: master bath; master bedroom radiant Quik Trak designed for 130° @ 5°. Third floor: observation room; Runtal panel radiator designed for 130° @ 5°. Shower with body sprays and (2) shower heads; 4-5 GPM DHW. Large soaking tub: 45 gallons. Boiler room: 40”x 7’. Total heating load 80,000 BTU.

Installation: The challenge here was that there was a large domestic load with a small heating load and very little space. I installed a Munchkin 199M and an 80 gallon SuperStor with a solar coil. The Munchkin will operate to hold a tank at 160°. The domestic is mixed down with a mixing valve to 129°. The heating operates off of the solar coil. The heating was designed for 140° @ 10°. The heating was operated by a Tekmar mixing control injection. There were 4 zones created using zone valves. The first floor mixed down to 80° with a fixed mixing valve. (This job was installed in 2007 before the introduction of HTP Versa Hydro).

Radiant Heating, Cascaded Boilers - Brookline, Massachusetts

Background: This was a 12,000 sq foot house with an atrium in center of building with 2 floors.

Installation: For the second floor, I installed hydro air. For the first floor I installed radiant in the concrete. In the atrium, I installed a mixture of radiant concrete and hydro air. I installed (2) Munchkin 140M boilers as the heating source and (1) SuperStor 119 for the domestic. I used zone valves instead of pumps and Wilo pumps with a Delta P.

PEX Installs: Quik Trak, Flat Plates - Various Locations in Massachusetts

Below are pictures of different radiant applications that I have used in the past. Some of them include: concrete, Quik Trak and plates. On some bathroom applications, I installed Quik Trak under the tub and around the tub deck. For showers I installed Quik Trak under the shower pan, on the shower seat and on the back wall.

Snowmelt for Driveway - Wellesley, Massachusetts

Background: This was a house that had 4500 sq feet of driveway.

Installation: I installed a Munchkin 399M boiler for the heating source and heated the stairs with 3/8” pex.

Radiant Heating, Quik Trak, Flat Plate Heat Exchanger, Tekmar Controls, Cascaded Boilers - Beverly, Massachusetts

Beverly, Massachusetts: System Showcase Winner - Second Prize 6-25 Zones - Radiant Heating

Background: This home had 20,000 sq feet of living space. Of that, 12,000 sq feet were comprised of radiant plates, Quik Trak, and concrete. There was a large domestic load, and (2) SuperStor 119. The home had a 20,000 gallon indoor pool. There was also no natural gas available.

Installation: I chose to use an LP with a buried 1000 gallon tank. The heating source would be (2) 199 Munchkin boilers and the domestic would be (2) SuperStor 119. The pool would be heated using a flat plate heat exchanger.

Heating details: For the 2nd and 3rd floors I used hydro air using (4) air handlers. For the 1st floor I used radiant heating using plates below the floor. For the basement with the indoor pool, I used radiant in the concrete. I used a Tekmar mixing control and boiler staging. I created 18 zones for heating with 4 temperatures. The radiant plates were designed for 155°. The radiant concrete was designed for 80°. The hydro air was designed for 160°. The domestic hot water priority was designed for 185°. The pool heating was designed for 185° to a flat plate.

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