Versa Flame Combined Hydronic Appliance
by HTP

Versa Flame Combined Hydronic Appliance by HTPHigh efficiency heat & endless hot water, the Versa-Flame™ from HTP is the latest addition to the Versa Series of combination units. The Versa-Flame is the first unit to integrate an outstanding 55 gallons of thermal mass within a combination unit, ensuring abundant domestic hot water while also handling all space heating needs at an incredible 5 to 1 turndown ratio. With endless instant domestic hot water, the Versa-Flame can produce up to an industry leading 4.8 gallons per minute at 77F temperature rise allowing the homeowner to run multiple hot water applications at the same time. The Versa-Flame is built to last with its Stainless Steel tank, resisting corrosion and increasing longevity. The all-in-one design of the Versa-Flame results in considerable space, cost and energy savings, setting a new standard for environmental responsibility.

Key Features

  • Industry Leader - Endless instant domestic hot water supply with up to 4.8 gallons per minute at 77F

  • High system efficiency even during low load conditions - The space heating modulating burner operates at an industry leading 5 to 1 turndown ratio

  • Heating realibility in multiple applications - 55 Gallons of thermal mass ensures abundant domestic hot water through multiple units while also handling all space heating needs

  • Improved component life and reliability - Modulation, along with thermal mass, eliminates the short cycling effect, conserving energy and improving component reliability

  • Quality construction - Built with a stainless steel tank and an extremely durable cupronickel and stainless steel heat exchanger boasts excellent heat transfer properties and resists corrosion

  • Enhanced comfort and efficiency - Weather responsive outdoor reset controls match the supply temperature to the heating need, preventing overheating

  • Appropriate for residential applications - Available in three BTU inputs ranging from 130 -199 BTU's

  • Space savings - The Versa-Flame fits domestic hot water and space heating applications in to one small space saving footprint

  • Virtually maintenance free operation - The robust material and sophisticated design of the heat exchanger minimize lime and scale buildup, eliminating the blockage risk that occurs with low-mass boilers

  • Simpler, less costly installation - The unique design eliminates the need for a primary-secondary loop, near boiler piping, boiler/indirect electrical connections, and isolation valves

  • Optimum serviceability - Removable front cover provides service technicians easy access to components

  • User Friendly control interface - A numeric control panel and LED lights display operational statuses, while an integrated USB connection allows boiler history to be displayed on a computer

  • Eligible for tax credits and utility company rebates - Based on high efficiency ratings

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