MC Series Heaters by HTP

MC series heaters by HTPThe MC Series Heater™ from HTP sets the standard for economy, ease of operation, and energy conservation. Modulating condensing technology and a compact, wall-hung design ensure that the gas-fired MC Series Heater is not only highly efficient, but is easy to install and will provide years of low cost operation.

Key Features

  • Low energy costs – resulting from ultra high efficiencies of up to 93% AFUE

  • High system efficiency even during low load conditions – the modulating burner operates at a 3 to 1 turndown ratio, matching fuel consumption to demand

  • Enhanced comfort and efficiency – weather responsive outdoor reset controls match the supply temperature to the heating need, preventing overheating

  • Sized to suit small to moderate residential applications – available in four models, ranging from 50,000 to 120,000 BTUs

  • Compact, convenient design – this space-saving wall-hung appliance has all its mechanical connections on the bottom of the unit for easy installation and maintenance

  • Quality construction – an extremely durable stainless steel heat exchanger boasts excellent heat transfer properties and resists corrosion

  • Excellent venting options – uses inexpensive, easy-to-install PVC or CPVC pipe

  • Eligible for tax credits and utility company rebates – based on Energy Star ratings (Excludes 399 Model)

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